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Exercise Videos
Perfect your form and learn the progressions for calisthenics strength exercises and skills.
Physiotherapy for Calisthenics 
Maximise performance by addressing your weak links and minimise injury risk.
Learn from Daniel as he presents new information to improve your training.
Research Articles
Stay up to date with the latest cutting edge research applied to calisthenics. 
Private Membership Group
Connect with other motivated and educated calisthenics practitioners. 
Monthly Q&A
Get the answers to your most important questions with Daniel's monthly Q&A.
Is the Bodyweight Academy right for me?
If you're confused about the principles behind calisthenics and want professional education, read on.
Bodyweight Academy
A comprehensive video library of calisthenics exercises and micro progressions for all skill levels.
An educational resource - benefit from monthly webinars and Q&As to understand the "why" behind your training.
A worldwide community of calisthenics athletes helping each other achieve their training goals.
A lifetime of progress. Continue to grow your knowledge and confidence in all things calisthenics.
Updated multiple times a month. Latest exercises, scientific theory and optimal training methods taught.
Calisthenics Workout eBook
Specific to only one goal. Rigid workout routine, difficult to tailor to everyone.
No understanding of "why" you're doing specific exercises. Blindly following an exercise program will not ensure ongoing, long time gains.
No community interaction. Easy to lose motivation and not be held accountable for your consistency.
No feedback on your progress. Following a routine without guidance can result in doing exercises incorrectly, increasing risk of injury.
No updates. The eBook and/or videos are final, they are rarely updated with newer and more optimal exercises.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
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 New Monthly Exercise Videos

Presented in the style you have come to love from FitnessFAQs, direct and full of useful information. Videos from absolute beginner through to advanced.

Video categories include:

  • Strength Videos
  • Mobility Videos
  • Skill Videos
  • Injury & Performance Videos
  • Webinars
  • Q&As
 New Monthly Calisthenics Webinars
  • Are you sick and tired of hearing so called “bodyweight experts” or “social media experts” giving their opinion without any scientific reasoning?
  • Has their approach of “just do it” failed to work for you?
  • Frustrated with the lack of science based information available for bodyweight training?

The Bodyweight Academy™ puts an end to hearsay, giving you the evidence and a practical approach which works.

Accessing academic research is expensive. Reading the publications are time consuming and require a university level of education to understand. We sift through the thousands of published research papers and give you the major findings. We delve into the research and put into context for the bodyweight athlete.

Published research is reviewed and concepts are broken down in an easy to understand way. Major takeaways and how to apply the information is made clear, this way you can use the most updated science with confidence straight away. Presented in both a video webinar and article format. This way, your knowledge can evolve over time so you don’t get stuck with traditional approaches or follow the latest fad which doesn’t work.

 New Monthly Q&A With Daniel Vadnal

Each month Daniel Vadnal will answer member submitted questions. Use the Bodyweight Academy to submit your questions to an accredited Physiotherapist, and bodyweight training expert of 10+ years.

Physiotherapy for Calisthenics

Daniel has helped thousands of clients fix their injuries and maximise their performance. As a physiotherapist,  Daniel understands the needs of the bodyweight athlete and is continually developing a database of videos to help you move pain free and reach your full strength.

Address weak links & bulletproof your body from injury:

  • Myofascial release
  • Loaded stretching
  • Joint mobility
  • Active and passive flexibility
  • & Much more
Created By Daniel Vadnal
Daniel is an internationally recognised calisthenics expert. He is renowned for combining his understanding of human movement with a contagious passion for training. 

About Daniel
  • 10 Years of Calisthenics Training
  • Master of Physiotherapy (uSyd)
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science (ACU)
  • Director at FitnessFAQs (2m monthly views, >500k subscribers)
Training Stats
  • 6% Bodyfat at 85kg & 183cm
  • Straddle Planche
  • One Arm Handstand
  • Full Side Splits & Full Back Bridge  
  • 5 One Arm Chinups on both arms
  • Double Bodyweight Squat

The above feats of strength and body control aren’t unique to Daniel, his method has transformed the lives of thousands following his training programs and coaching. 

The Bodyweight Academy™ is a database allowing you to take control of your own training. Once you understand the principles for successful training, you will have the confidence to train with purpose and reach your goals.

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